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Word of Welcome – Art Book Month

Louis Rastelli, Director, ARCMTL
Lisa Curry, Director, Vancouver Art Book Fair and Art Book Month
Maia Donnelly, Programming Coordinator, Volume 3 MTL


From Pen to Pixel: an artist talk by Jhave

Programmer-poet Jhave will give an artist talk on the evolution of his practice, accompanied by a participatory installation at the Anteism Project Space. Bring your own pen!



Gallery tour: Amaranth Borsuk at Anteism Project Space

Accompanying Amaranth Borsuk’s talk, we will give a commented gallery tour of the exhibition of her work at the Anteism Project Space. Guided tour by Harley Smart, co-founder of Anteism Books.



12PM : live streamed

Mass Produced of a High Order: artists’ books by Ed Ruscha from the Canadian Centre for Architecture Collection

CCA Curator, Books, Viveca Pattison Robichaud, gives an online tour of a selection of artists’ books by Ed Ruscha from the CCA Collection.

What does Ruscha mean by a ‘high order?’ And how does one collect mass-production? The CCA has a nearly complete collection of Ruscha’s books, many of which engage with the built environment. Looking at the milieu in which they were created and collected, this talk will also present works heavily indebted to Ruscha’s contribution to the genre.


3:30PM : live streamed, recording to come

Amaranth Borsuk in conversation with Nathan Brown

Artist talk focusing on The Book (MIT Press, 2018) with artist and author Amaranth Borsuk. Accompanied by an exhibition at the Anteism Project Space. In conversation with Nathan Brown, founder-director of the Centre for Expanded Poetics at Concordia University.



11AM : live streamed, recording to come

A Series of Small Things Brought Together: Textiles and the Book Form
An artist talk by Clara Congdon 

Since childhood, emerging artist Clara Congdon has been fascinated by practical and aesthetic applications of both cloth and paper. Within her practice she manipulates these everyday materials to create tactile repositories for thoughts, collections, and chronologies. In this one-hour talk, Congdon will speak about a selection of her projects that have incorporated textiles with bookmaking, ranging from installation to zine publishing to a single edition cloth artist’s book.

12:30PM – 5PM: live-streamed

Virtual Fair + Satellite Editions

Live on the web: presentation of new publications by exhibitors, and viewing of Satellite Editions; a series of interviews and studio visits with book artists.



1PM : Live streamed

SPUNKT Art Now: Punk and post-punk aesthetics in art and artists’ books


A discussion of punk and post-punk aesthetics in art and artists’ books. With SPUNKT editor Sébastien Pesot, and contributors to the SPUNKT Art Now magazine Jess Bebenek and Louis Rastelli.

4PM : Live streamed, recording here

Jim Holyoak: Artist talk

Jim Holyoak will present his handmade artists’ books and sketchbooks in relation to hiking, which allows him to draw in-situ and source images and stories from within the landscapes. He will present his Book of Nineteen Nocturnes, a nineteen volume, fully hand drawn and handmade collection of accordion books containing graphite drawings, watercolours, ink paintings, and collaged text. “Echoing the genres of painterly and musical nocturnes, this book is driven by its ambient, nighttime setting ­– a realm populated by wandering monsters. It is about being lost, lonely and homesick. While relating to graphic novels and illustrated fairy tales, this book is also akin to an illuminated manuscript or a grimoire.”